Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Festival Of Lights

This is amazing.

So there I was somehow propelling myself forward towards the light at the end of this tunnel, nervous and unsure of what lay ahead but believing it had to be better than where I've been stuck all this time when I felt a rush of wind coming towards me.

The wind went right through me, I was bracing for it to knock me off my feet but it didn't it went right through me. Thinking about it I'm not even sure if I'm on my feet anyway then a high pitched noise like a thousand musical instruments playing a relaxing lullaby flowed from somewhere within the light.

I paused for a moment trying to work out if I knew the tune, it felt familiar and comforting but no it wasn't one I could recall. I sat there entranced by the music, it was so beautiful, I could have stayed there forever but no, that wasn't my plan and almost as soon as I remembered I was heading forwards I started to move again.

Then the best bit happened, out of the end of the tunnel, coming out from where the music originated came a string of white lights bursting like fireworks into reds yellows and blues, green dancing through purple, orange becoming pink, laughing away swirling all around me, singing to me.

An overwhelming sense of happiness and peace enveloped me and I smiled and moved closer. I know not where I've been and I know not where I'm going but something this beautiful surely can't be anything but good.