Friday, 24 October 2014

And Then I Heard A Voice

Beautiful was an understatement. 

I was expecting everything to be brighter, inside the light at the end of the tunnel, but instead of finding the source of the white light that had been spilling out from within I found myself sounded by darkness illuminated by a thousand spinning lights moving closer towards me as if to take a peak and then dashing back, making way for another to get close.

I turned to look behind me but I could no longer see the tunnel, if this was indeed a doorway somewhere it was now firmly closed.

The lights were mesmerising, still singing their song of peace they spun in random and yet somehow interconnected patterns, coming together, moving apart, how I wished my previous silent companions were hear to enjoy the spectacle, after all they must have gone through something very similar to myself. 

I've no idea how long I was there looking and enjoying the light show, time as ever seems to be stretching and contracting, no time and all time at once.

I began to laugh, if this was to be where I was now trapped it was a much happier place than I'd been this past while, I wonder how long ago it was since I was at home, being here it didn't seem to matter anymore.

The more the lights spun, the more happy I became and the more happy I became the less self conscious I felt and I found myself dancing and spinning around.

Oh the joy of this place, such joy, I laughed out loud, and then I heard a voice;

And a place perhaps of magic too!