Wednesday 1 October 2014

He Always Showed Me The Way

Again, I find my thoughts switched back to George, my dear, dear friend. He always showed me the way and I could do with his help now as something is definitely happening here.

I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming it but now I'm sure, I seem to be getting bigger. I don't know how but every few moments I can feel a swelling and not just in me but in my silent companions stuck with me here, there's less room that there was.

I've tried to call out to them but no sound would come, the only sound I seem to have in this sound in my mind. Constant talking to myself is keeping me sane, I think, and at least things are changing which gives me hope that along with the changes going on around me and within me that maybe an escape route is possible too.

I've just got to wait until it presents itself, yes patiently wait until my time comes and I can free myself from this place, which is not the sort of adventure I was promised.