Thursday 30 October 2014

My Decision Made

What?! I was not expecting that question. I'm not sure what sort of a question I was expecting but a question of direction, really?

You mean to say that in order for me to move on I simply have to choose if I go left or right? 

It seemed impossible that my fate could be decided by such a simple question.

Yes, the voice laughed back;

As simple as choosing left or right. As simple as and important as a decision as you'll ever make, choose wisely little one for there is no going back once the decision is made, the direction of your life is set. You get to choose your fate, so feel carefully and answer decisively.

Feel carefully? What do you mean FEEL carefully?

If I was about to make a decision about the direction of my life I wanted to be as informed as possible.

Listen to yourself little cat. Feel to find your answer for that might just help you choose a direction that's right for you.

I was beginning to feel concerned. What is a made a wrong choice?

What lies in each direction?

There was a long pause before the voice spoke;

That I cannot tell you, even though once you move on from this place you will no longer remember even being here or anything we have talked about, as I said before no one does, so it would not matter what I said but where it does matter is right here, right now. Whatever I say might have an influence on your decision and that must not happen. I'm the guardian of The Place of Choice and as such I'm here to help guide and provide whatever answers I can BUT I cannot influence, the choice must be yours. So I pose the question once more Left? Or Right?

With no information how on earth could I make an informed choice? I couldn't clearly. Right I must listen to myself see if I can feel the best direction for me. Oh what lay ahead and why wouldn't I remember being here, it felt like such a very, very important moment and yet I'll never remember it, how can that be?

I suppose it doesn't matter how hard I try to work it out if fate had a plan for me well then I best just make a choice and stop fretting about it. I'll deal with whatever comes my way, I always have, The arrival of River, the trials of love with Mogsie, George and The Twins, The Lane of Bells, my passing and journey through, and back again, the Rainbow Tunnel with Troy Lamore and even facing The Curse and freeing The Queen of Catkind during The Game of Truth, I'd dealt with them all and I didn't know what I was doing then either. Right here goes, my decision made.

Left. I choose to go left!

The lights began to swirl and out of the myriad of colours a circle appeared with a beautiful light in the middle, I was mesmerised, I could a feel wind beginning to grow and another little white light buzzed around me and started to move in towards the light, I felt compelled to follow it then the voice spoke again;

Then enter my little friend and don't be scared, you are about to go on an amazing adventure, and I wish you luck.

I started to move forward almost in a trance, the light was so beautiful and I felt this was the right thing to do, the wind was now a roar all around me and the sound, oh the sound was so beautiful, like a thousand harps and chimes playing in harmony and I felt at peace....

....hang on a second, something the voice just said started to panic me and I turned back to where I had just come from;

Wish me luck what do you mean you wish me luck? 

The light exploded like a supernova all around me and I began to fall...