Tuesday 28 October 2014

A Question

What do you mean this is The Place of Choice?

I'd had no idea where I'd been all this time, was everything leading up to this point, I had no idea? Nothing that had happened to me for so long had made sense and now here I was in this dark place, lights swirling all around me being told by a voice I was unfamiliar with that I was now at somewhere called The Place of Choice. Whatever next?

It's OK, there's nothing to worry about.

The voice boomed back at me as it continued to glow and change shape and colour.

This my friend is possibly the most important place you have ever been to.

Well I doubted that I'd been to the other side and back again and I think that was pretty important but I wasn't going to argue.

This is the place where you have free-will, nothing will restrict you, you are free to go whenever you so choose, you just have to answer one question and then you are free to go on your way.

One question? What you mean I can leave at any time, if I answer a question.

Oh yes my little friend, just one question that's all it takes for you to move on.

I was getting angry, all these riddles.

What is the place? Where am I? What's been happening to me all this time? I was told I was going on an amazing journey but this has been anything but amazing, it's been scary and confusing.

The voice laughed.

Ah, I see you have some questions of your own and I'll answer them best I can, infact I've already answered the first, this my friend is The Place of Choice and you've been here before, you just don't remember!