Wednesday 8 October 2014

I Heard The Wood Pigeons

Scared I may be but there's no stopping me now, not after I heard the wood pigeons calling out.

So there I was concentrating on settling my fears when I saw a fluttering in the orange. I couldn't be too sure what I was seeing to begin with but I focused as much as I could, a sense of the familiar was coming to me and believe you me familiar equals comforting.

The fluttering continued, dark shadows across the sky of my mind, one then two, settling for a moment or two and then moving around and then clear as polished glass I heard the sound of a Wood Pigeon calling. 

My heart cried and slumped instantly, these weren't just any old Wood Pigeons, these voices were so very familiar to me, these were the Wood Pigeons that live in Catworld.

If only I could have moved I would have jumped up with joy, I almost didn't want to believe it as if I was wrong the fall would have been so great but now I see a sign, a way home! My powers grow stronger with confidence.