Monday 28 December 2015

I've Been Keeping A Low Profile

I've been keeping a low profile this past couple of days. I think I did rather well over Christmas spending so much time with people, I'm usually quiet shy when there's lots of people around but I didn't want to seem unsociable and I'm trying to come outside of my comfort zone.

However there's only so much personal development a person can take and the trick is knowing your limits so pretty much from Boxing Day I've been enjoying time on my own upstairs asleep in the office or outside, just mooching.

Today's been the best weather in days and River's been allowed to come in and out at will and she's been taking full advantage of it while one of my Daddies sleeps upstairs and the other works in the office.

I've been enjoying teasing her, appearing out of nowhere right in front of her and then disappearing almost as quickly. I've not been wasting my time mooching, I've been finding new hiding spots. Yes us cats can multi-task, we're known for it!

Bless her she look so confused.

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