Sunday 13 December 2015

The Christmas Tree - So Much Fun

There I was having a lovely sleep upstairs when I heard all this commotion and decided to come down and see what was going on. River was all excited, our Daddies had brought in the Christmas Tree. I contemplated whether I should stay to help but thought it would be so much more fun if I waited until they had finished then I could come in and play with all the baubles and knock them off the tree like I did last year.
I went out to see if anyone was around to have a chat too but they weren't, it started to rain and I thought they must have been finished by that time so came back in.

I was right there in the window where our seat usually is stood the tree. Yes loads of lovely things to knock off.

River spotted me and jumped off the chair she was sitting on. She ran over to where Daddy was sitting, she said she didn't want to get into trouble. Chicken!
I went all the way around it and I've got to say they've not done a bad job, I bet it will look lovely when it's dark.
I'll come back and knock a few of then, there's too many people around now and I'm feeling in a generous spirit, I'll let them admire their handiwork for a while longer before I put my stamp on it.

Oh how I love the Christmas tree, so much fun.

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