Tuesday 15 December 2015

A Pagan Tradition - The Christmas Tree

One of my favourite things is listening to Daddy pottering around the house cleaning and things because when he does he spends ages talking to me and River.

Today he's been giving us a history of the Christmas tree.

Apparently it's a very old tradition and started in someone in a place called Europe. People brought tree's indoors at this time of the year to remind them that Spring was on it's way, it's something called a Pagan Tradition.
Sometimes if people didn't have a tree they would make one out of bits of wood and decorate it to make it look pretty, maybe as an offering, Daddy said.

Now this is the mad bit, they used to be hung upside down from the ceiling. How on earth they managed that is beyond me?

After his little chat to us I went and had a look at the tree to try and imagine what it would have looked like in olden times. The lights I think are to remind us of candles and I think he must have put the clock's on it to remind us of that bit about Spring being on it's way. Yes that must be it.