Saturday 5 December 2015

I Guess Congratulations Are In Order

I was so confused when I woke up this morning, usually I'm the first one up but today they all beat me to it.

I usually sleep in the office, I like the chair in their it's well comfy and I'm near River and my daddies in case they need me for something, I can hear when they get up and usually wait outside their bedroom door for River to wake.

It was still dark when I stirred, out I ran to wait for them but the door was open and no one was in bed, most strange for a Saturday morning.

I came downstairs and looked everywhere but couldn't find them, the blinds were up and I could see the car wasn't there.

Not sure what was going on I went and ate a few Dreamies left out for me and then fell asleep, waking up when I heard the car draw up.

River came running in all excited and tired, she's been on a big adventure by water and she was keen to tell me all about it. Apparently they'd gone out as Daddy had a driving test exam, he passed. Well I guess congratulations are in order, now where's he gone?

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