Wednesday 9 December 2015

I'll Have To Pop Up Later

I thought I had the evening all to myself, Dady was on his works Christmas do' and my other Daddy and River were planning to go and see Auntie Silver until he got a call earlier saying she was in hospital. I listened in, I really like her and was a bit worried but it turns out everything will be OK. 
River was so disappointed that he said he was going to take her out to see the Christmas lights so I was getting the house to myself after-all. I had just got myself comfy one the settee when I heard the door go and River came running in all excited telling me all about the pretty lights everywhere.

I'll have to pop up later, to see them, although I've never been that far away from home on my own before so I'll see how I feel, it is a bit cold out tonight, maybe we should just play a game, I think I'm a bit nervous about going all that way on my own.

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