Thursday 24 December 2015

My Christmas Eve, David

I'm learning Christmas Eve around here is a mixture affair, a day of doing whatever you want, well if you follow Daddy. On the other hand rush around doing many things at once, sweating and loving it.
Of course you could be like River and I, a late breakfast, a look at the presents under the tree. I do wonder what I'm getting I've seen two things with my name on them.
Have a sleep if you fancy it, I do and then come and run off some excess energy playing rough and tumble with your best friend.
Being mindful of any surprise manoeuvres. 

End the experience with a cuddle, good sportsmanship and all that.

At some point in the day we give each other cards.
Generally as we wait for dinner to be cooked, although today a late one was decided upon.
We were waiting for guests. My cue to haste a retreat upstairs for a late afternoon/early evening snooze, with River dances backwards on the spot is sheer delight at anyone coming this way.

A nice long sleep later, down I come to see what's for dinner. Two helpings of chicken, nice to see the rations are upping in frequency, half the time River eats mine and I have to wolf what I can do quick.

While she slept I watched over her and the presents in the bag, I'm sure I can smell something very cat food like in there, although I can't see what it could be.

Of course, the best way to end Christmas Eve, comfy on Daddies legs, yes that's how I do Christmas Eve in this house.
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