Friday 25 December 2015

My Christmas Day by David-Shiro, Ninja Cat

So Christmas Day arrived, s nice quiet start to the day, waking up at my own leasure, a quick stroke from Daddy before he went in the bath.

It gave me a chance to walk around getting used to the day, a quick trip out the back and I said Happy Christmas to Craig the Squirrel before popping back in to find both Daddies up, River waiting impatiently by the presents. 

I took a quick peep but I couldn't guess.

Having a look out the window to see if anyone was around and I spotted George having a bathe under his car.

We waved and mouthed Happy Christmas and blew each other a kiss.

I searched the floor for stray Dreamies but didn't come across any before joining River for a chat, I must admit I wasn't really listening I was too busy trying to work out what my presents were.

No luck I decided to move on after giving thought to making a call but then realised I didn't know anyone's number so would be a bit of a waste. 

I went for a lay down but as woken up by the sound of the Daddydaddy and Daddymummy come in, so thought I'd pop down, wish then good tidings, only to find a pile of presents for me,
A feathery thing on a string, genious!


River just had to see this. She loved it and we played with it together for ages.

We then had a little dance together, she's quiet a mover!

And then Daddy said we could both have some of our Christmas treats, a great big handful we had with promises of many more to come throughout the day. I expect nothing less today.
Then there as a knock on the door, I went out the back to see if they'd started dinner yet, which they hadn't, and returned to find some more gifts from Mogsie, Twizzle and George's mummy brought for us.
Wow thank you, a mousy thing. 

Eventually they started dinner, I was starving and tried sending them on a guilt trip to get it done as quickly as possible. They took their time but it was worth it in the end.
Boy I'd eaten so much turkey that all I could do was take a nap, a nice long nap! 

And a bit of a feed before another nice long nap in the quiet, up the stairs. 

Happy Christmas everyone. Love David-Shiro, Ninja Cat!

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