Wednesday 19 August 2015

I Wasn't Sure What Was Worse

All of a sudden the bushes to my right parted and a black blur jumped right over my head and into the bushes on the other side of the clearing.

I ducked and lay close to the ground unsure whether to run or stay put, my heart pounding and my senses on high alert.

I looked to The Fly to get an idea of what to do but he was nowhere to be seen. I could feel myself beginning to panic, I suddenly felt very alone and very scared, he'd been by my side this entire time and I guessed I'd become used to his company and guidance. I didn't know what to do now I was all on my own.

I looked up and around to see if I could see him, maybe flying high or drinking some of the nectar he seemed to enjoy from time to time on our journey but nothing and believe me, cats eyes are sharp and they can see even the slightest movement.

"Look down." A voice from the bushes called out.

I spun around to the direction of where the voice came from, a great big oak tree slightly to my left, but saw nothing. My heart pounded even more, I wasn't sure what was worse feeling alone or now knowing I was not alone but not knowing who the owner of the voice was, it wasn't The Fly on another tour, I was used to his high pitched squeak by now.

Frozen to the spot I scanned everything I could see, squinting my eyes to move my eyes into super sharp vision but apart from a few leaves moving in the gentle breeze nothing, then I looked down and gasped.

There was The Fly lying motionless in front of me, partly hidden by a low laying daisy. I bent my head down and sniffed, yes it was my Fly.

I bent my head down and listened to his chest, phew he was still breathing.

"Fly, Fly." I whisper shouted, "Are you OK Fly?"

Nothing. He must have been knocked unconscious by the thing that had just flown overhead, and there he was telling me to keep my wits about me, great with the advise, should have taken it himself.

"Are you OK?" A different voice caught my attention, the hairs on my fur standing on end, I slowly turned and there before me, partly hidden by a fern leave, two eyes blinked..

I nodded, unsure what to say and not wanting to draw attention to The Fly, I had no idea if this was friend or foe.

The eyes smiled at me and the fern leaves started to move, the body of the eyes jumped up onto a rock at the edge of the clearing.

A paw extended towards me, "Hello, I'm Purlean."

I gasped, this wasn't what was supposed to happen!