Thursday 13 August 2015

Big Purple Flowers

"You must be a very special cat for that to happen, I've been through this wood many times before but only one other time did magic decide to touch one of my clients." The Fly grinned.

My mind was in a spin, that was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had, my head still felt light and although I hadn't moved, I'm sure I could feel a spring in my step. I bend down and kissed The Fly again.

"Thank you. thank you for bringing me here."

The Fly laughed; "I didn't bring you here, you decided to come, and I certainly didn't make magic come and touch you. No siree, THAT had nothing to do with me!"

I smiled and looked around to get my bearings. All around big purple flowers reached up into the sky, yellow and white daisies larger than I had ever seen before shaded the lower part of the wood floor, a carpet of green ferns danced in the sparkling sunlight bursting through the oak tree top canopy. Beautiful and so serene and then for a moment I remembered, Purlean.

"What about Purlean." I looked around to see if I could see or hear any moment in the wood.

"Oh don't worry, she'll be here soon, magic must have sped up our journey a little, you have time to catch your breath and maybe even have a little drink in that stream over there." The Fly buzzed around my head and nodded in the direction behind me, tingling water ran over the most beautiful grey and brown pebbles.

"Is she OK?" I was feeling very concerned about her, she was ready to give birth and the shock of what was happening in the wood could not have helped her in her condition.

The Fly buzzed close to my ear.

"Watch out very carefully," he whispered, "and keep your wits about you too!"