Friday 7 August 2015

Green Plant Merging With Green Plant

The Fly flew off, rapidly buzzing and jumping from our hiding place and quickly back into the wood, for is was at this point a wood and not a forest, but I was learning not to forget an enchanted forest and enchanted wood, just a few trees be-twixed them.

I rand really hard after The Fly as he found a break in the houses flying and gliding like a Star Wars pilot, pretty impressive, I struggled to keep up, so intent on not losing hi this maze that I didn't have time to worry about if I was spotted or not. Near up I could have sworn I saw another flash of cat fur following what I was presuming was The Fly on a previous or future tour. I was getting used to how this place operated and I wondered what was next.

Into the wood The Fly flew ever faster than he'd ever flown before and I was keeping up, not even thinking, at that time, that maybe I should have looked behind to see if anyone was after us but no I just didn't dare lose The Fly.

The wood became a blur of green plant merging with green plant an emerald sparkling back, almost like I was flying I hit nothing and nothing hit me, maybe this is what flying feels like, gliding effortlessly the only thing in focus The Fly.

Then quick in a blink there I was still and sitting right in front of me eye line level The Fly drinking thirstily from a big yellow Daisy, licking his lips at the nectar.

"Wow!" I said to him, a smile all over my face.

The Fly grinned back; "Magic's fabulous isn't it!"

I lent forward and kissed him on his little top head.