Wednesday 13 May 2015

An Adventure Through The Rainbow

"Are you OK?" I jumped up onto the table right next to where Greego was clear shaking his head.

"Yep my little friend I'm just fine and dandy." Greego finished shaking his head, looked at me and smiled.

"That was some entrance. Where on earth have you been?"

Greego continued to smile at me. "What on earth makes you think I've been somewhere on earth?" He giggled.

"An educated guess." I was getting used to Greego's play on words.

Greego nodded, accepting my answer with good grace.

"You know what David-Shiro, I' in such a good mood that I think I shall tell you where I have been and what I've been up to, if to hear you are s inclined..."

I knew there was but coming.

"But! Only if you accept a riddle from me, a trade for a trade."

"What sort of a riddle?" I knew it as better to confirm details before making agreements with this Pixie.

Greego huffed, ha I'd out smarted him.

"A riddle that is in your future, a riddle for you that one day an answer you will need to know and be glad I'd set."

Um he'd got me curious now.

"Go on then." I was ready.

"A circle of three, a circle of three,
One of us here, is it you or is it me?
A circle of three, a circle of three,
Two more to come, then you'll be free!"

"What?!" I should have guessed his riddle would make no sense, mind you the last one I didn't think made much sense and then it did so maybe this would also prove to be useful information.

Greego laughed, "A riddle my pretty a riddle, oh how I love spinning." he then spun again on his little finger, he really was quiet the acrobat.

"Go on then, where have you been this past few days?" 

"I'd like to take you on an adventure David-Shiro, an adventure I've been needing to have ever since I was first trapped her and my magic carpet was hidden away from me, an adventure that took me back to see some old friends and to learn some new secrets, an adventure David-Shiro, that took me THROUGH THE RAINBOW!"