Sunday 24 May 2015

Then Something Quite Unusual Happened!

Noise and consternation, I had to escape into the garden, Daddy's got his box of tools out, I've learnt to keep out the way.
River was supervising Daddy pottering in the garden and I asked her if she fancied stretching her legs. Apparently sitting on your bum is quiet an exhausting activity and she decide to stay where she was, so off exploring I went.

I'm getting quiet good at this garden lark, I've investigated most of it now and know the layout almost by heart.
Then something quite unusual happened!

I was up in the Peace Garden, I thought I'd ask The Wiseman some advice on solving this riddle posed to me by Greego, when I could have sworn I heard some sort of a strange cry coming from the top of the water bath at the same time the sun burst through the clouds and bleached my sight for a moment.

I got closer to the water bath, was something moving on it, for a second I could have sworn one of the dragons blinked, but that can't be, the whole thing is made of concrete, no my eyes were definitely playing me up, that sun light burst.
I turned to go that when I noticed, something has changed the time machine, it's top now sparked gold.

I went to move closer to get a better look but to my left, there coming out of the ground, the worm was also now gold all over.

I didn't know what was happening and got very scared and ran as fast as I could indoors, as I ran another flash of gold glinted in the left eye, I didn't stop to look.

After I was safely inside and my courage found my heart again I steeped back out to see what it was that I'd just run by and there in the ground was some strange markings.

I don't know what they mean but they must be linked to the gold time machine and the now gold worm. Mystery after mystery around here these days. 

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