Saturday 9 May 2015

I'll Be Back

I made it back indoor just in time, Daddy was in the kitchen making a cup of coffee, he heard the flap go but he must have thought it was the wind as he didn't turn towards it straight away.

I ran straight upstairs, good the bedroom door was still closed Daddy and River must still be in bed asleep, the coast was clear, with one powerful leap I jumped up at the door handle to The Secret Room and pulled all my weight on it.

The latch fell down and the door swung open an inch. I jumped back down and knocked it open with my paw, the yellow cloth still in my mouth, in I went.

"About time too!" I'd hardly got through the door before Greego spoke.

"You're not exactly quick at finding things are you?" He said.

"And you're not exactly clear with instructions either are YOU!" I retorted.

I'd not got half way across the room before he squealed."YES. Yes! That's it, you found my thing." Greego leaped up and spun around, landing on his index finger he spun again using just the tip.

"Oh you have done well, now come on bring it up here, I can't get down."

I went to leap up on the table to go straight to him then paused,

"Before I give you this bit of yellow cloth," goodness only knows why he was attached to such a silly thing "I would like some answers from you."

Greego scowled. "Some answers?" He smiled. "What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean? Setting me up like that just so I would meet The Wiseman. Why?" I held all the cards for once, he seemed to happy to see this bit of yellow cloth and he's just let me know he couldn't get down so I was in a great bargaining position.

Realising he was beat Greego took a deep breath. "Ok, Ok so I wanted you two to meet, big deal."

"Yes but why and why didn't you just tell me to go and meet him?"

Greego laughed. "Really, you ask me that question, the little cat who's taken months to master going outside, the little cat who's scared of the Peace Garden. Now come on, if I had just told you to go up there would you have? No thought not." He flipped over and sat crossed legged on the shelf.

"Ok I might not have, true but why did you want me to meet him."

Greego sat forward. "I will tell you but only ONCE you have given me my thing!"

He sounded very determined but so was I. I was about to try and bargain with him further to give me the information before I handed over the bit of yellow cloth that he seemed so attached to then I remembered what The Wiseman had said, Pixie's cannot lie. I jumped straight up on the table, moved carefully over the book underneath the shelf, stretching up I placed it right next to him.

Greego immediately jumped onto the yellow cloth as if he was riding a surf board "Fly my pretty, fly." he screamed.

The clothe, with Greego still on it, sudden shot up into the air.

"My magic carpet, my magic carpet, oh how I've missed you." With that he flew around the room twice, before shooting out into the hallway. I was stunned but still chased him out to see where he was going.

Downstairs he flew, downstairs I chased. I got to the bottom of the stairs just in time to see him do one lap of the living room before settling on the table.

I jumped up next to him.

"Wow!" My head was spinning, "A magic carpet!"

Greego smiled, hunched his shoulders and opened his mouth. "I know! And it's mine!" He giggled and did a back flip.

The carpet rose off the table again.

"Hang on why did you want us to meet, me and The Wiseman I called up to him as loud as I could Daddy was ironing his shirt in the kitchen and as much as I wanted answers I didn't want to alert him to what was going on.

"Oh yes, I nearly forgot, so he could give you some answers LIL' CAT!" With that the magic carpet flew towards the back door before sweeping back towards the table, a laughing Greego holding on tight.

"Don't worry I'll be back, I'm of on an adventure!" And with that the carpet swooped down and sped through the still open doorflap. This time daddy heard, walked over to it, looked around saw me on the table smiled and said hello and locked it again.

What a night!