Saturday 23 May 2015


"What do you mean Gotcha?" I had finally caught up with Greego, sitting on a rock amongst the flowers in the Peace Garden. It had taken me hours to locate him. He certainly knew how to make himself blend into the background.

He looked at me and smiled, that smile that never betrayed his real emotions.

"Nothing little cat, I think you are being a tad paranoid!" He moved in and sniffed a red flower.

"I don't think I am." He was playing games me with I could tell, us cats are clever creatures.

"That's the trouble with paranoia. It makes you paranoid." Greego laughed and hopped back on his magic carpet.

"Come on little cat. Catch me if you can!"

He'd thrown down the gauntlet, a challenge, a silly mistake to make with a cat. We never back down from a challenge.

Up in the air the magic carpet went and off towards the roses bushes it flew.

I could have chased after it but that wouldn't have really solved what I needed to do. Oh no I needed to play Greego at his own game, get inside his mind, trick him back. Now this could be fun, I just needed a way to entice him. I know I'll retire to a nice shady spot and have a think, no need to hurry this, nah if I was to play Greego at his own game I knew I'd need to outsmart him and I had the inklings of a cunning plan brewing in my mind, it just needed honing before I put it into operation.