Tuesday 12 May 2015

And With A Thud

I was just having a little, sniff around the garden, it's hot, I'm brave and feeling very inquisitive. My catty powers did not let me down, they've told me grass is good for my stomach so I've been taking a dose, just to top up, when all of a sudden I heard a crash of what sounding like a glass or a pot breaking.

Instinctively I honed in on where the sound originated from, I knew it wasn't Daddy or River they were both at the end of the garden and this sound was coming from out the front, past the gate.

"Weeeeeeeeeee, jimber." 

A loud cry outran, but just for a second, Greego The Pixie flying over the gate on his magic yellow carpet, hands rodeo gripping the front, riding a wave of air, in through the open back door and straight to the table where he crash landed.

I ran in just in time to see Greego pick himself up, eyes spinning like a Catherine Wheel.

"That was fun!"

And with a thud, Greego The Pixie was back!