Monday 4 May 2015

I Decided To Go Out And Save Her

It's a beautiful day and the window up by the table was open, it's only just dawned on me that I can use this to get in and out when I want and get a great view of the garden.

 I spotted River out there doing some silly dance type thing on Daddies leg and I decided to go out and save her the humiliation. 

As ever she was really please to see me and decided it would be a good game to chase me up the garden. I didn't mind though, she's my best friend and unwittingly she was helping me, encouraging me to explore further and further with the comfort of knowing she was just there if I needed her.

I was feeling rather proud of myself having made it all the way to the Peace Garden when all of a sudden that pesky fly that's been bothering me for weeks came flying right past my nose laughing. So I chased him up the garden right up near the house. 

He's very fast, darting this way and that and I decided I needed to study him closely to see if I could see a pattern in his movements before making my move.

I thought I'd prepared perfectly and at the last moment pounced with my mouth open, tongue out I licked away and I was sure I'd caught him until I closed my mouth. I can unhappily report spiders webs are not nice tasting, don't order off the menu, leave the restaurant!

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