Friday 16 October 2015


I slowly opened my eyes, a shiver ran down my body as I stretched out and yawned.

"Good morning." The Fly buzzed around my head.

For the first time since arriving here I'd slept, how long I didn't know I must have fallen asleep and not even realised. Time here was so strange, not like at home, one day ran into another as we viewed Purlean's journey, for them it had been months but we just just jumping in and out of their time stream.

"Sleep well?" The Fly dropped a berry by my foot, I flipped it up straight into my mouth, an unusual mixture, sweet but not like anything I'd tasted before, Daddy didn't feed me anything like this, although I'd seen River eat the odd black and strawberry, I wondered if they tasted this good.

"Yes thanks," I smiled, "sorry I didn't realise I was so tired.

"No worries, I felt tired to so had 40 winks." The Fly winked 40 of his eyes and laughed, I grinned, I was really fond of him now.

"So what are we up to today?"

"I told you yesterday today is the day you try out your magic."


"Ah I can't say that, spoilers!" He laughed again, "Don't try and think it just let it be, you'll know when."

"How's Purlean doing?"

"See for yourself."

I peered through the bushes hiding us, there on the little mound Purlean and Leopold were cleaning their children, Bob and The Darling Darling looking on.

"I can't see Ursa." I looked around.

"No she's gone for a bit of a walkabout in the wood somewhere, food collecting, it's really getting to her that she can't use her own magic here." The Fly buzzed up high in amongst the tree tops.

"No can't see her." He flew back down;

"All the better."

All of a sudden I heard a cry come from Purlean's little camp sight. Without thinking I jumped up, my ears pricked.

"No." I heard Leopold cry out.

"What is it?" The urgency and panic in my voice not lost on The Fly, sitting still on a palm leaf.

"The Darling, Darling, he's chocking."

My eyes must have been the size of my head, I was so shocked.


The Darling, Darling was so like River that I guess I just didn't think and jumped through the bush straight into the clearing.

Bob was running around head in hand, sobbing. Purlean trying to comfort her babies all shaking in fear, Leopold thumping The Darling, Darlings back, The Darling, Darling coughing, his face contorted in fear.

Without thinking I ran straight over and with as much might as I could jumped on his back, knocking both The Darling, Darling and Leopold over. A chestnut flew straight out into the fire's ashes and he gasped again, air once more filling his lungs.

I suddenly panicked. Oh my I'd been warned about being spotted and getting involved in events and without even thinking here I was right in the middle of the campsite, with everyone looking in my direction. I closed my eyes, not regretting what I had done to help The Darling, Darling but scared rigid that I'd exposed myself to everyone.

"What happened?" Purlean called out to Leopold.

"I've no idea, it was like something just hit us both and made us go flying.

"Are you OK?" I slowly opened one eye, Bob was cuddling up to The Darling, Darling who smiled back.

"Yes I'm OK now. Thank you Leopold."

I opened my other eye. The three little babies were now licking The Darling, Darling and Purlean had moved closer and was looking in my direction.

"Hello." I said.

"Hello." Purlean replied.

I stood there very still, not sure what to say next.

"Hello?" Purlean again replied. "Is someone there?"


I turned to face The Fly, who'd moved to a big daisy at the edge of the clearing and shrugged my shoulder.

The Fly mouthed back.

"They can't see you. See I told you, magic!"

I opened my mouth in a gasp and dashed for the bushes as I heard Bob laughing,

"Roast chestnuts, what a fabulous idea, I think I've discovered what to sell at the Summer Fair."