Wednesday 28 October 2015

I Was Lost

Seeing The Fly drinking suddenly made me realise how thirsty I was.

"Is there anywhere around here we can get a drink?" I asked

The Fly lifted his head from the daisy leaf;

"Yes, sorry I should have thought," he smiled, "there's a little river just a few minutes walk from here, you'll be able to partake there. Follow me."

Off he flew and off I followed. The bush was thick but being a nibble cat traversing the terrain was no problem for me, this was all good practise for me when I got back home, there's so many trees and woods and things like that around where we live and I realised my muscles had responded to all the exercise I'd been having since I came here, strange as I'd come here through connecting with the time consciousness, so I was here and at home both at the same time.

I'd had no idea how long I'd been here, yes for me a lot had happened and I'd slept at least once but I wondered how much time had passed back at home, but I didn't want to think of home too much as I wasn't finished on this tour yet and I feared thinking too much of home would take me straight back there.
The sound of tinkling water was all around me, The Fly wasn't lying we weren't too far from the river at all.

"Here we are!" The Fly proudly exclaimed and there just in front of him was the most beautiful site, a river surrounded by the most beautiful trees, red and pink and yellow blooms all around, a duck happily swimming by. My thirst, now that water was there right in front of me, was almost unbearable and I jumped forward, head straight lapping up the golden water.

I turned towards where The Fly had been, "You not joining me?" It was really was the best water I'd ever tasted but I couldn't see him.

"Fly. FLY!" I called out, suddenly very aware that this was the first time he'd not been there right by my side, panic tangoing the blood through my veins.

"FLY, WHERE ARE YOU FLY?" I turned left and right, nothing, nowhere to be seen.

I thought about turning back, to where we had just come from, then it suddenly struck me that I'd not really being paying any attention to where we were going, The Fly had always led the way. Even if I had been paying attention then I still wouldn't know where I was, I had no grasp of direction, the forest had turned into a wood and then a forest and back into a wood again, I was lost.

Right, I thought to myself, what would Daddy say in such situation? 

Don't panic. Yes that's what he would say at first, don't panic, try to calm down and analyse the situation. Easier said than done.

I was by a river and all rivers lead somewhere, generally to the sea or maybe a lake and where there's water there's bound to be people and maybe if I followed the river I could find some people and ask them for some help.

But should I stay where I was, The Fly knew he'd led me here and if he'd just gone somewhere for a few minutes surely he would come back to this spot to pick me back up?

Oh what a quandary, follow the river to look for help or stay and wait? What would The Wiseman say for he always had good advice?

I looked up into the sky, for the first time since being here the sun wasn't shining, dark clouds had started to form, it looked like it could rain, over in the distance I could see some mountains, the clouds above that were heavy dark, yes it had been raining elsewhere.

Listen, that's what The Wiseman would say, listen to yourself.

I sat and tried to banish the feeling of panic, breathing slowly and steadily, that helps, so that's what I started to do, falling ore and more into a relaxed state, my breathing getting calmer and calmer, the sound of the birds fading and getting quieter, crickets nearby singing to each other played a happy melody then...


"Arkk, ARKK!"

I must have fallen asleep, how long I'd been out of it I had no idea but the sound of a flock of gulls crashing through the nearby tree's brought me back to consciousness.

I looked around, it was now very dark, I looked up, the clouds had blocked out the sun and a chill was in the air.

"Fly, FLY!" I called out, in case he had returned, nothing.

I turned back to call in the other direction just in time to see a huge wall of water less than 5 meters away from me, racing down the river.

Bang, it hit me before I could have time to react, tumbling and knocking me over, water all around, no time to think.