Monday 26 October 2015

His Calling Card.

George has just popped by with some very reassuring information.
The sun is shining, River's in the garden sunbathing, Daddy is upstairs so I had the whole of the downstairs all to myself, loving having the entire chair all to myself when I heard George calling out to me.

He said they'd been another sighting of Foxy Lectar last night, nodding towards some torn up and messy grass on the front lawn. He said it looked like he'd also been over here, leaving his calling card, the dirty fox.

He informed me that regular patrols had been arranged, I jumped in and said that I wanted to be a part of them but he told me that although it had been discussed it had also been decided that as I'd not come across him personally before that it was probably best if I just make sure River and myself were OK.

I asked if there had been any more Flash sightings but he said no, not as yet. Well that's one thing less to worry about I suppose.