Saturday 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Daddy came down very excited this morning, striding across the carpet towards me curled up on the sofa, he picked me up in his arms and gave me a great big cuddle.

I struggled of course as I do, I'm not the biggest fan of being touched unless I want it and when I do I make sure it's plainly obvious.

What on earth was this all about, kisses and cuddles and chirpiness this early on?

"Happy Halloween," he said, "and happy 1 year anniversary, you've been here exactly 1 year today and we couldn't be happier, you are a darling little boy and River's best friend, thank you."

It fair made me well up and I felt a bit guilty for jumping down out of his arms.

Wow here 1 year today, of course it's Halloween night that they picked me up last year, I remember it now I come to think of it, so small and scared hiding under the sofa. I had no need to be of course but how was I to know then that all that sniffing and noise and jumping and chasing from River was only love being shown to me, back then she was 10 times bigger than me, now of course we're roughly the same size and she really is my best friend too.

How of course was I to realise the significance of the date then, Halloween. You know what, I think my Daddies and River, and Nadia of course although to be honest we're not had much to do with each other she sleeps an extraordinary about of time, deserve a gift from me.

I'm a black cat, I'm a witches familiar and today it's Halloween too many coincidences to be ignored, yes my family are going to get a gift from me, I'm going to cast a good luck black cat spell, a spell of amazing things!