Saturday, 21 September 2013

Seven Weeks

I've just received a very urgent communication from Twizzle and luckily she's all OK just a check up but Mogsie well he's really not helping himself!

Hi Lil

You were right, both Mogsie and I went to the Doctor's yesterday.   I only
had to have my yearly checkup, which really isn't too bad, but I did show my
displeasure when the Doctor took my temperature!   The Doctor examined
Mogsie's tail and just put a light dressing on it as it's healing nicely.
Thank goodness!   But he said that if Mogsie starts trying to take the
dressing off he will have to wear his collar again.   Sure enough, what did
he do last night, tried and succeeded in moving the dressing down his tail
so that he could lick his wound.   What happened?   He got his collar back
on and he isn't very happy!   He's now being all nice to our Mum and Dad so
they'll take it off, but he'd better think again as he can't be trusted.
Ooh I do wish he'd hurry up and get better, as he's so frustrated not being
able to go out into Catworld and I really don't like his green collar.   He
looks like a green monster!   All the other cats keep coming to our back
door and staring at him, even Spit who you know he doesn't really get on
with.   Anyway it's back to the Doctor's again on Monday.   Perhaps if he
wears his collar all over the weekend his wound will dry out and he won't
have to be a prisoner any more.   Like you I'm used to being an indoor cat
but it must be so hard for him being cooped up indoors for nearly seven
weeks now when he's used to being the protector of Catworld.

I'll keep you updated.

Luv and purrs from Twizzle