Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mogsie's Great Escape

There's been an urgent comunicado from Twizzle about Mogsie. and it seems he's getting his spirit back. It went;

You know that my Mum told StayDaddy that Mogsie's doing well and the Doctor
hopes that he will only have to have a couple more dressings on his tail.
Well, he's been right umpty because he can't go out and mix with CatWorld
and even went on hunger strike one day last week.   Mind you that only
lasted a day, he likes his food too much!   Yesterday early evening my Mum
was hoovering and my Dad was painting.   I was sitting by the back door so
my Dad decided to go in the front door.   My Mum forgot to tell my Dad that
Mogsie was in the front hall and when my Dad opened the front door Mogsie
made his bid for freedom and shot out and up the garden.   Well, my Dad
couldn't catch him and Mogsie disappeared.   My Mum went looking for
him.   She was so upset she even went out with her hippo slippers on!   I
could have told her that she wouldn't find him.   Anyway she came back all
upset and kept calling him.   Then my Dad said that he could hear Mogsie
talking to Spit on the garage next door.   By the time they got there Mogsie
had disappeared again.   My Dad said that he had to clean his brushes and my
Mum kept going in and out the back and front of the house calling Mogsie.
She was out the front when she suddenly saw Mogsie on our garage.   He
jumped down onto the fence and she thought that he was going to make another
bid for freedom.   But he jumped on to the car and slid down the back
screen right into my Mum's arms!   She was so pleased and ran indoors with
him.   How she did I just don't know because he weighs as much as our Dyson
hoover!   She even cooked us some chicken last night because she was so
happy that Mogsie's Great Escape had failed.

If it hadn't have been for Spit I don't think that they would have found
Mogsie so my Mum gave Spit an extra big plate of food.

Mind you he's right grumpy today and even had a go at me because his attempt
failed.   Mind you, Lil, that's men for you as you well know!

Thought you'd be interested as I know you're very fond of Mogsie and if he
does as he's told he'll be back in Catworld soon.