Tuesday, 17 September 2013

We Must All Remain Alert!

Well finally Daddy went downstairs and took River with him, he's been sorting out our office and much cleaner it looks too. The rain has also finally stopped and out of nowhere as predicted Spit and Sarah appeared.

I can't have been the only one waiting for his return as almost as soon as they both appeared the darker Naughty Twin quickly ran across the road and straight up to Spit.

They exchanged a few words and then the darker Naughty Twin ran off and within just a couple of minutes the lighter Naughty Twin appeared. By this time Spit was tending to himself, trying to look all nonchalant but I could see that Spit was saying something to him and the lighter Naughty Twin was looking around everywhere pretending they weren't talking to each other.

Thank goodness for Sarah though and nice to see she's not blanking me today, she looked me directly in the eye and mouthed over that Doublay had come calling to find out what was going on with Mogsie. Word had spread to where he lives that Mogsie was out of action and that he had come to find out what was going on from Spit.

Phew Doublay is to be trusted after all, he was coming to warn us that he'd heard the rumour from Ginger cat who had heard on the grapevine that Flash had been making enquiries. Although it's great that we've had confirmation Doublay is on our side, it's not so great to know that word has reached Flash. We must all remain alert!