Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Battle Of The Boot

It's very hot here today and it seems be bringing out people's competitive side. I was up with Daddy in the office, I snuck in when he went down to see what River was up to as she was making a fair bit of noise, I dread to think what he was going down to so I decided to keep out of it up here. 

Luckily the window was open, phew it's hot in the office, I poked my head out to get a bit of a breeze and spotted both of the Naughty Twins and Sarah over the other side of the road. I think they must have had lunch already as they didn't appear to be waiting for M but they were all milling around giving each other some strange looks.

I wasn't sure what it was all about at first but I could tell something was about to kick off and it did. The darker Naughty Twin moved over towards R's car but as he did so did both Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin, all of a sudden up the darker Naughty Twin jumped, quickly followed by Sarah. As Sarah jumped up the darker Naughty Twin jumped down and almost as if on the other side of a trampoline the lighter Naughty Twin jumped up and hissed at Sarah who stood on the spot frozen for a few seconds before jumping down.

I think the sun must have gone to their heads and made them all act a little...well territorial. The lighter Naughty Twin then settled down while the other two just milled around looking a little surprised, I guess she won the battle of the boot.