Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Top Cat

Phew it's getting hotter and hotter in the office, it;s great in there and I really like hanging out even when Daddy isn't working as it's so snuggly but sometimes it's even too hot for me.
I was just having a look at how the little lemon tree was doing, not bad but isn't it taking a time, when I saw some movement from across the road.

For a moment I thought it was Mogsie and I went outside to have a better look, but alas it wasn't him but George who was creeping up on Spit who was asleep on the garage roof.
It seems to be a place of control, he who owns the garage roof is top cat! 

Spit is sadly mistaken if he thinks he's the daddy around here, not that sort of daddy he's certainly king of that kind, dirty, dirty monkey. Mogsie rules and Spit had better watch his back, George it seems is challenging him for the position on the garage roof and chased him off. Oh come back soon Mogsie we need your leadership.