Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Most Wonderful News

The most wonderful news, I've just had a communication from Twizzle and it seems our hero may well be joining us tomorrow.


Very important news!

Can you spread the word.   Providing that Mogsie doesn't do anything silly
today, he can return to be the Protector of CatWorld tomorrow!   Isn't that
marvellous, he won't be moping around indoors any more and won't be wearing
that horrible green collar!   And then perhaps the lighter Naughty Twin will
stop sleeping in his kennel in my garden and go home.   I don't think that
she has left my garden since he's been not well.

Anyway spread the word and perhaps they'll be a welcoming committee waiting
to greet him.   I'll try to make sure that he comes out of the front door so
that you can be the first to see him.

Luv and purrs


I responded;

This indeed is the most wonderful news, Mogsie has been missed and I've already been thinking a cat party is in order. Thank you so much for letting me know I shall me keeping an eye out and I'll wave across to you when I see you next
Love Lil' x