Sunday 15 September 2013

So Near And Yet So Far

Oh I can hardly believe it, I've just heard from Twizzle and Mogsie must be going a bit stir crazy.

Hi Lil

Mogsie's in disgrace!   You will never guess what that silly cat has done
now!   He's only gone and taken his bandage off and made his tail bleed!
You and I would never do such a thing.   He was doing so well and the Doctor
thought that he might be able to go back into Catworld next week and now
he's gone and done that.   My Mum was spitting chips when she saw his
bandage laying on the floor this morning and she's put his Buster Collar
back on him so he can't lick his tail and make it any worse.   He isn't very
happy but it's his own fault!   I thought that I'd let you know as you're
really looking forward to seeing him again.   If you watch out tomorrow
morning he'll be off to the Doctor's again and goodness only knows what the
Doctor will say when he sees him.   I don't know:   first we had his great
escape and bid for freedom and now he's in disgrace.   What will he do next?

Big wave to you,
Luv Twizzle

I replied;

Oh my goodness Twizzle this indeed is shocking news, I do hope he's OK.
I know when Daddy broke his arm falling over Penny the little Jack Russell Granddad had when Daddy was a little boy that he got really frustrated with his plaster caste and picked bits of it off so it must be a similar thing for Mogsie but the Doctor knows best and he should really follow his advice.
I bet your mummy and daddy must be tearing their hair out at his behaviour, so close and yet so far, please give him my love and a stern look from me and you have a big hug from me.
Lots of love


What ever will we do with that boy?