Thursday 4 December 2014

RIP Little Emma

Oh no there's terrible news doing the rounds in Catworld. 

I was just having a little swing in the blanket hammock on Daddies legs when I heard him on the phone. Us cats are perceptive and I could tell something wasn't right straight away and so listened in closely. He was talking to his friend M and I heard the name Emma and saw a sad look spread across his face.

Now I've heard this name before, the Daddies have talked about her and said what a sweet little thing she was. She used to live 2 doors down from us but a couple of years ago moved herself into the house opposite to go and live with Twizzle and Mogsie, I've yet to be formally introduced to them but I have seen them around and I think that black and white cat with the shaved face, George, lives there too now.

Daddy said Emma knew when she was onto a good thing and moved herself to have a better life, which from what he said she did.
However from what I gathered she'd not been too well this past couple of days and went to the Doctor to get herself better but he discovered she really wasn't well at all and she's now gone to sleep.

Oh how I wished I'd had the chance to meet her, Daddy said she and Lil' were good friends, even though they were both really shy at times, and I'm sure we would have been too if only we'd had the chance.

RIP Little Emma, may all your dreams be happy ones.