Wednesday 24 December 2014

I Want To Unwrap It Now!

I was just having a little afternoon snooze when there was a terrible commotion coming from outside and River went mad barking at the window, her tail waggling around 100 miles an hour.

Then all of a sudden the Daddymummy and Daddydaddy came in. I'm still getting used to them so was a little bit shy and ran to sit up with River, sje always protects me.

I know there's nothing to worry about, I guess I just needed to record his scent to memory.

Once that had been done I then went to play with the handbag of the Daddymummy while River distracted her,

We caught up on events on the Daddydaddies leg.

And then Daddy hung some stockings up and River said they were put there for Father Christmas to come and fill then up with presents.

I didn't understand what she meant but then she told me all about the story of Father Christmas and his reindeer's.

I really did listen to what River said but I was sure he must already have been...

...because I'm sure I can smell something in there already. I want to unwrap it now!

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