Sunday 14 December 2014

All Of A Sudden

It was such a beautiful afternoon, cold but beautiful that I was just trying to find the best place to sit and get the full beam of the sun when I saw the Daddies suddenly getting all these objects and wires and things out. 
I wasn't sure what was going on but then all of a sudden they grabbed River and started brushing her and saying she was a good girl.
I'm not sure why they were saying that she was only sitting getting a brush but then I heard Daddy say she was going to have a hair cut.
Well my heart pumped, if she was going to get a haircut did that mean I was next? 

Then they put her up on the table and started snipping and Daddy had a buzzy thing in his hand and went up and down River's body and all this hair started flying about everywhere.

One part of me wanted to run and hide in case they noticed me but another part was fascinated. For such a small little dog she certainly has a lot of hair.

When I heard them say that they were nearly finished I did a runner but it was OK they didn't come after me. I guess haircuts are just for dogs. 

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