Thursday, 25 December 2014

My First Christmas - Now This Is Where Things Get Exciting!

I've learnt a lot of things today about this thing they call Christmas. First of all you have to sleep on the floor next to your stockings waiting for someone to come down the chimney.

And then you have your best friend wake you up with a tongue bathe...

...encourage you to jump on your daddies head while he's asleep...

...while they watch all innocently from the sidelines!

You then get to open things brought bu the chimney man.

Now this is where things get exciting!

It's a flying monkey on a piece of cord!


River was impressed!

I then discovered another present a mouse. Now this was not an ordinary mouse this one was made of cloth and have some strange mystical powers. The more I played with it the more I became relaxed and dreamy.

I dozed off...

...and when I woke up everyone had gone out and left me here on my own.

Still I enjoyed the peace while I could as it wasn't long before they were home and River was barking and the Daddymummy and Daddydaddy knock on the door. 

Christmas Day and you sleep and go visiting.

And get scared out of your skin when you're not expecting a whirlwind of excitable River to go jumping all over you to get to the window. Yes that thing happens on Christmas Day too.

I stuck around and had a rest behind Daddy before going upstairs to get a little more comfortable.

When I came down everyone was watching some film on the TV about a brave and rather forward cat. I must remember to catch it from the beginning on repeat.

It was nice hanging out with the family but I've also needed time on my own today, I guess I'm growing up, maybe that's some of this magic thing Daddy goes on about,

River obviously decided to come and get me, I must have been up there a long time.

I met them on the stairs but let them know I still needed some time on my own.

So Daddy brought dinner up to me, Turkey I understand, something else that happens at Christmas. I'm beginning to like the way the lady rolls.

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