Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I Wasn't Prepared

What a day I've had. 
I was having a little rest on Daddies legs, There's a new game I've discovered sit on the blanket between his legs and the weight makes me fall down a bit and it's like a hammock, it's very comfy. Just as I was swinging a bit I heard a knock on the door and Puppynap had to get up to let people in.
I didn't mind that bit as I'm used to people coming and but then all this drilling loud noise stuff started happening and it really scared me and I hid under the sofa to get away form it, I;ve never heard such a loud noise before.

River heard me calling out and came to make sure I was OK but I was just too scared and wanted my Daddy.

Luckily he came and played with my ball on the string game and that made it alright. Everything was alright in the end but it did shock me, I guess I just wasn't prepared. I will be next time though! 

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