Tuesday, 9 December 2014

For The First Time Ever

I've heard Daddy saying it's amazing what motivation will do and now I know what he means.

My motivation to see what the great big mysterious package was knew no barriers and I found a way up via the plant table and the sheer force of will of clawing myself up the side of the packaging all the way to the top.
I have a sniff around but I'm still no nearer and then it suddenly occurred to me, for the first time ever I was on top of the sideboard.

Now this is a great achievement, I'm sure you'll agree and what I found up here was an even bigger surprise to me than I'd realised.

There was a picture of my Daddies laughing, an angel standing on top of a big box, a candle holder and another golden box, I tried to flip it's lid to see what was inside but I'm not quiet strong enough yet so I'll give that a go another day and the most amazing thing of all.

A glass box full of water, this must be where fishes live although I couldn't see any in there today.

Now the only problem is, how do I get down again?