Saturday 6 December 2014

The Most Amazing Thing

I've just had the most amazing thing for lunch, scrambled egg. it's gorgeous. I wasn't the only one either, River and the Daddies had it too and then when I went to have a clean in the sunshine spot in the living room I noticed River still had some on her face. 
I tried to tell her but she wasn't listening so I decided to help her out and clean her up a bit. there's one thing I've noticed that's a difference between cats and dogs, us cats are a lot cleaner, River never seems to mind if she's got mud all over her feet or her hair is tangled and even if she walks around covered in her dinner.
I thought I was doing her a favour but she didn't look too impressed at my clean-up operation. Still it's better than walking around looking like Catweasle. 

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