Monday 8 December 2014

And I Whispered In Her Ear

River and I make a great team you know. 
I was just having a little look through the bric-a-brac on the table when I spotted the backdoor key. Well it was glistening and just calling to me so I knocked it on the floor and kicked it under the sofa, to join my collection of objects accrued from throughout the house.
Daddy doesn't know what I've got under there, even though every now and then he reaches under and has a feel.

River was sitting by the fire basking in it's warmth, my only problem was Daddy wasn't too far away and I wanted to let her know what I'd done without making his suspicious so I walked nonchalantly over to her, gave her a kiss and I whispered in her ear.

I'm not sure she got understood though as she looked at me, blinked and licked me back, mind you maybe that's dog for I got it?

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