Thursday, 11 December 2014

Now I See

Oh what a to do there's been here today.
I was just settling down for my morning sleep when the door went knock, knock and a man came in and said hello. He said he was here to do things in the kitchen with the big mysterious box that appeared earlier on in the week, now I see what the excitement was all about.

I didn't mind too much to begin with as I've seen him before and River was very relaxed around him. THEN he started doing drilling things and the sound was so loud that it hurt my ears and I didn't know what way to run, up on the table, under the sofa and in the end in my panic I ran straight into the plant.

River told me that she would protect me, not much seems to bother her so I instantly took her offer, sitting as close by as I possibly could.

I'm so glad it's all over with now, I hate loud noises!

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