Sunday 28 December 2014

I've Got This Little Trick I Do

Normally the Daddies are very good at getting up in the morning running downstairs and filling my plate with goats milk and crunches for breakfast, sometimes some chicken will find it's way in there although this past few days it's all been about the turkey.

However they've been slacking this past week, not getting up till way past getting up time so I've got this little trick I do to move things along a bit.

What I do is make sure River is awake, get her enticed in some game in the bedroom and then jump off the bed and run downstairs. She usually follows me at this point although if she hasn't I run back upstairs and jump across her on the bed, that's a sure fire winner.

Then all I do is run upstairs and into the bedroom, when up jumping on the bed make sure I run across the Daddies, and downstairs again, River follows every time and I repeat until someone gets up to feed me.

Today turkey was on the menu, delicious!