Sunday, 9 November 2014

From A Dream

Daddy just went out to the shops and when he came in he was all excited and said I've got something rather special for you David-Shiro.

He then rather unceremoniously threw something on the carpet. I went over to take a look and there was a little brown square thing on the floor. I took a sniff and was strangely drawn. What was it?

Then River came bounding over to have a look, I don't know if she's ever seen something that looked and smelt like that before.

We both sniffed and River tried to pop it in her mouth but Daddy said it was only for me.

She really begged for a bit and Daddy said he would get her something special in a minute and that she needed to go with him and they went out the back of the house and I heard the door to her treat cupboard opening.

I thought this was the best chance for me to get to eat it without having to somehow cut it in half and before I knew what was happening it was in my mouth,.

Fabulous! I like it.

What was it that Daddy called it? From A Dream? No that can't be right.

I took a look at the packet, ahhhh Salmon Dreamies!

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