Friday 14 November 2014

Little Rascal

Daddy finally came out of the secret room but he ran right past me waiting for him in the hallway and went across the road. 

I saw him talking to a lady over there and then when he came back he said he had a present for me from a lady called M and her husband called R and their 4 cats, Twizzle, Mogsie, Emma and now George. Wow 4 cats live just across the road from me.

Daddy said that when I am bigger I would be allowed out to play with them, I can't wait. He then gave me my present, a brand new bed for me to sleep in.

Fabulous, that'll do me! 

River then came to give it a once over and tried to get in it but she's a little bit too big, still I'll always make room for her, Little Rascal!

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