Friday, 14 November 2014

Little Rascal

Daddy finally came out of the secret room but he ran right past me waiting for him in the hallway and went across the road. 

I saw him talking to a lady over there and then when he came back he said he had a present for me from a lady called M and her husband called R and their 4 cats, Twizzle, Mogsie, Emma and now George. Wow 4 cats live just across the road from me.

Daddy said that when I am bigger I would be allowed out to play with them, I can't wait. He then gave me my present, a brand new bed for me to sleep in.

Fabulous, that'll do me! 

River then came to give it a once over and tried to get in it but she's a little bit too big, still I'll always make room for her, Little Rascal!

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