Tuesday 25 November 2014

I'm Learning

Even though I'm getting much bigger these days I'm still finding out new things each day. 

I'm learning what the word NO means, Daddy says it to me when I'm trying to drink from River. I'm learning that if I do that I get extra milk in my bowl, I'm learning that if I jump on his head I get a cuddle and a belly tickle, which I'm learning I love. I'm learning that Daddy has animal magic legs that are fabulous to cuddle up on and go to sleep, nice and warm and I'm learning that if Daddy gives us a toilet roll we're allowed to make as much mess as we want. 

He calls it a special treat and I'm learning these special treats come in all shapes and sizes, steak on a Sunday, Dreamies twice a day and a new toy a week, Oh yes I'm learning lots and I've a feeling I've only just begun!

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