Sunday 30 November 2014

Now How Do I Get Out?

I was just settling down to have an after dinner sleep with River when...

...I spotted another cat out of the window. I've been here a month and as much as I love River and the Daddies I do miss the company of other cats. The one's around here are so curious. I've spotted a big fluffy one who struts up and down the road, he's very beautiful. I've also seen the black and white one with his face all shaved off and another one who takes her Daddy out for a walk sometimes. There's also a couple of cats that live just a couple of houses away. One is black and white and the one I've just spotted is like me, all black.
I tried to get his attention out of the window but then River jumped up and scared him away.

I wasn't about to let him get out of my sight though and followed where he was going around the corner of the house.

The pull of cat company is so great within me, I must be with them. Now how do I get out of the little gap in the window?

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