Saturday 1 November 2014

Time To Go Exploring

What a night it's been. After coming all the way to this place in a car, with a dog I was exhausted and slept all the way through until just now when one of those men brought me down from my bed upstairs, nice and comfy I might add thanks for the woolly jumper, for breakfast and a nice early morning drink of water.
I needed it I was quiet hungry, I'm that a lot but I suppose I am still growing, every day I put on another few millimeters.

River, the dog, is still asleep upstairs so I'm free to have a bit of a roam and stretch my legs, I'm getting really good at jumping, I only discovered I could do that last week, I wonder how River is at that, maybe we could have a competition.
Right time to go exploring and see what this place is all about.