Monday, 24 November 2014

I Think I'm In Trouble!

I think I'm in trouble!

I wasn't feeling very tired last night when everyone went to bed, I think it was because I slept so much yesterday, I just couldn't go to sleep so I thought I'd see what River fancied doing.

She fancied running up and down the stairs, sounded like a great idea to me until Daddy came and got River and put her in the bed.

Well that's OK I thought I'll join her and we can bounce about a bit.

My other Daddy didn't think that was such a great idea and put me on the floor, so I jumped back up, so he put me on the floor, so River jumped down to join me, so Daddy put me outside and closed the door.

But it didn't matter as about 4am I managed to get back in and woke River up again and we decided to go for a run around upstairs, checking out each room.

This morning the Daddies weren't impressed I could tell, they kept on yawning and thanking us, but I don't think they meant it much.

Even though River said she could play some more she said we'd best let Daddy do his work, I think she's right, he doesn't look happy!

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