Saturday 8 November 2014

They Just Didn't See Me

Today there's been lots of new people that have come to see the Daddies. 
I was having a rest with River when we heard a car going beep, beep and River jumped up at the window to see who it was.
I was feeling a bit shy and ran upstairs and got into bed. A lady and a man came up with Daddy to see me and said I was very cute. Thank you that's very nice of you but I wasn't feeling sociable so I stayed in bed asleep for most of the afternoon.

I did creep down to have a look around but didn't feel like joining in so I was as quiet as a cat can be, I was very good at it, they just didn't see me.

I then went back to bed and slept again until the little boy came up to say goodbye and when I heard everyone had gone I came down again. I like it with me and River and the Daddies and I think I came down just in time as I heard fireworks going on in the sky and I know how much it scared River so I went to her to let her know I'd never let anything happen to her. I love my big sister soooooo much!

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